Marxism, Modernity and Postcolonial Studies (Cultural Margins). Crystal Bartolovich, Neil Lazarus

Marxism, Modernity and Postcolonial Studies (Cultural Margins)

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Marxism, Modernity and Postcolonial Studies (Cultural Margins) Crystal Bartolovich, Neil Lazarus. pdf ebook Publisher: Language: English Page: 300 ISBN: 0521813670, 9780511042423


'... this is an excellent book. It contains a number of essays which are crucial for any reader who might be puzzling over ths general area ... deeper and wider-ranging than the many flummeries and evasions spawned within the canon of postcolonial studies so far.' Kelwyn Sole, University of Cape Town

'Marxism, Modernity, and Postcolonial Studies is indispensable for those interested in postcolonial studies, capitalism, questions of nation, race, anticolonial struggles, and the global capitalist system.' Cultural Critique

'... a recent addition to the excellent Cultural Margins series ... Giovanni Arrighi begins with an illuminating historical account of East Asia that unsettles discrete, developmental models of European capitalism ... In what is a compelling account of Eurocentrism, Lasarus argues the West has no singular or unified referent, that it is ideological rather than a geographic site. In forwarding anti-Eurocentric projects, postcolonial critics have turned Europe into a fetish ... The disavowal of Marxism within postcolonial studies is misguided, Lazarus argues, through a nuanced critique of Deipesh Chakrabarty ... Other valuable contributions to the volume include Joe Cleary's lucid reassessment of the relationship between Ireland and postcolonial studies and Timothy Brennan's fascinating exploration of the pre-history of 'theory' in the interwar period. As a whole, [the book] helps to further both postcolonial and Marxist theoretical debates. More significantly, however, it contributes to our understanding of the relationship between them.' Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory

Book Description

What is the relationship between Marxism and postcolonial thought? Can a revolutionary European ideology be an emancipatory intellectual tool in the post-imperial world? Or, in sites where European thought is often treated with suspicion, does it repeat distrusted legacies and epistemologies? This collection is the first systematic attempt to provide an overview of this collision. An international cast of contributors challenge the elision of Marxist thought in the debate on what the term 'postcolonial' actually entails. The volume is essential reading for all engaged in postcolonial and cultural studies.

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